V Dry Electronic Hot Air Hand Dryers

The V Dry hot air dryer is the new generation in commercial washroom drying systems. The V Dry is faster, quieter, more compact and uses less power than leading hot air dryers in the market today. The V Dry also has a power adjustment feature which allows the user to set the unit to use the most practical and ecological friendly amount of power in the washroom. With a drying time of less than 10 seconds and innovative drying area LED lights system V Dry is here to dominate the market. This product is manufactured from 0.9 Grade 304 brushed Stainless Steel.


– Drying time less than 10 seconds
– Power setting adjustable
– Low power usage
– Low decibel noise factor

Dryer Specifications:
– Voltage: 1.3 – 1.6KW
– Air Speed: 140 km per hour
– Heating element: 450 – 900W
– Motor: 18 000 R.P.M

Standard Available Colour:
– White Enamel
– Brushed Stainless Steel


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