Bioclean Hand Surface Sanitizer

Bioclean is an environmentally friendly bacteria based surface cleaner for multiple applications. Bioclean is used for cleaning, sanitizing and eliminating odours on hard surfaces in commercial washrooms. The key feature of Betasan Bioclean is that it produces bacteria which break down organic material 17 times faster than traditional bacteria which causes the harmful bacteria to perish due to lack of a food source. Bad odours in a washroom are caused by harmful bacteria breaking down organic matter and releasing foul smelling odours, therefore the odour problem in a washroom is eliminated. Unlike cleaning chemicals that require agitation to release their disinfectant properties Bioclean creates a film of bacteria on the surface which continues to work hours after application.



  • 1 X 70ml sachet gives 10 litres of Bacteria cleaning product
  • Creates continuous cleaning surface area
  • Eliminates odours while sanitizing
  • Environmentally friendly


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