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Our excellent service record has presented us with the opportunity for expansion, and as such, Gemcape is now proud to offer a broad spectrum of hygiene services, which include contract or once-off cleaning, deep-cleaning, window and carpet cleaning.

The hygiene division services include Air Fresheners, Sanitary Bins and all other dispensers found in public toilets such as toilet roll holders, soap dispensers, hot air hand dryers and various towel dispensers – linen towels, auto-cut and folded paper towels, as well as urinal and seat sanitisers.

The cleaning division’s core focus is contract cleaning and Gemcape is a proud supplier to a list of Blue Chip companies where we are privileged to offer our cleaning services – both in their shopping centres and office buildings alike.

All staff are recruited by ourselves and available on site daily. Gemcape assumes full responsibility for all employee related matters, including wages, statutory deductions, leave, sick leave etc. and this is included in our contract fee. We also supply all the necessary chemicals and equipment required on a daily basis.However, should the need arise for additional specialised treatment, we will gladly provide these services and advise our client of any additional fees these services will attract.

Deep cleaning involves the specialized cleaning of ablution facilities. Daily, there is a build-up of bacteria in urinals, toilet bowls and hand basins and Gemcape offers a specialized service focusing on de-scaling and cleansing of areas that may have be missed by the daily-cleaner. This service is conducted by highly trained and qualified staff using ‘state of the art’ equipment.

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